Can I place an order with Diamant Wedding Albums?

Diamant Wedding Albums sells only to professionals.

I am a professional. How can I do to login?

You can login here, by filling the form with all the needed information. Once done you will receive an email with the access data, for confirmation, but there is still one more step before getting activated your user account.

I have completed the registration process. What should I do now??

You registration have to be validated by one of the members of our team. Once this done we will add it to our system, and we will contact you with the confirmation of the activation of your user account.

My user account is already activated - What's next??

You can login now and access to your user area. You will find there all the needed information for sending us your orders.


What should I do to place my orders?

Once you have logged in you can send us your files (together with the order form!) in a simply way using our “Diamant File Uploader” system.

If you don’t need to order a digital album, but traditional albums or accessories, such as photo cases, USB cases or DVD cases, then you can send us a short email with your order to: We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your order.

Where can I see the detailed steps to follow during the order process?

You will find the detailed explication on how to send us the orders of your digital albums in the My account section, in the user area.